The Maine Windjammer Association

Why Maine?

Because Maine is so much more than just a place—it's a feeling you get the moment you arrive.

It's in the fresh, crisp air that puts a spring in your's in the cry of a loon that makes your heart's in the crack of a lobster shell that makes your mouth's in the sparkle of sunlight on the ocean that makes you feel young again...adventurous again...alive again.

With a world of things to do here, Maine is more than any one vacation could ever capture. Forests, lakes, mountains, rivers and more than 3,500 miles of coastline beckon, with 18th century fishing villages, old town squares, wild beach roses, and winding lanes still convincing curious travelers—be they Presidents or poets—to stop and wander along these roads less traveled.

Why come to Maine?

Because there's so much more we could tell you, you'll just have to come experience it all for yourself!