The Maine Windjammer Association

A Maine Windjammer Sail with Teens November 2017,
Grandmother and travel writer extraordinaire, Barbara Rogers writes about sailing with her granddaughter aboard Angelique.
Victory Chimes Wellness Cruise September 2017
Freelance travel and wellness writer Grace Harding crosses “the Pond” to experience windjamming firsthand, specifically the Victory Chimes’ yoga cruise, which she describes as "one of the most profoundly relaxing and refreshing trips I’ve ever taken.”
Where to Go for an Unplugged Vacation Dana Freeman Travels, September 2017
Dana Freeman returns to the Maine Coast, this time to experience a windjammer cruise aboard Angelique.
Maine Windjammer Cruises – The Best Unplugged Vacation in America Wicked Good Travel Tips, August 2017
From scenery and sailing to cabins and cuisine, Editor Susan Kohlback shares her love of sailing aboard Schooner Victory Chimes.
A 3-Day Tall Ship Cruise in Camden, Maine JohnnyJet, July 2017
Georgie Jet returns! After two great trips aboard Schooner Mary Day over the 10 years, she’s back for a three-day summer adventure.
Maine Windjammers Let You Dance with the Wind USA Today Go Escape Magazine, July 2017
Freelance writer Hilary Nangle interviews Captain Noah Barnes during a tandem cruise aboard Schooner Ladona and Stephen Taber.
Sailing Aboard a Historic Maine Windjammer Sierra Magazine, May 2017
Freelance writer Gina Vercesi shares her favorite "green" moments aboard a 3-day cruise on Schooner Isaac H. Evans, including a nighttime swim "churning up cascades of liquid light, sparkling with bioluminescence, while [her] two daughters watched in awe from above."
Gone Windjamming—Exploring the Coast of Maine Epoch Times, March 2017
"I don’t know where we’re going to end up today, but you know what? That’s perfectly OK,” says Channaly Philipp, a journalist/photographer who recently sailed away on the schooner Victory Chimes.
Sailing on the Schooner Mary Day Active Travels, August 2016
Freelance writer Steve Jermanok keeps a daily log (blog) during his week aboard Schooner Mary Day.
Serenity At Sea: Maine Windjammer Association MRV The Buzz, October 2016
Freelance writer Renee Wright hops aboard Schooner Victory Chimes and learns all about Maine's 9-member windjammer fleet.
The Truth about Sailing on a Windjammer Cruise September 2016
Dana Freeman frequently writes about New England destinations for families, although for this story she focused on wine-tasting aboard Schooner Ladona…without the kids.
On a Maine Windjammer cruise, go where the wind takes you Star Tribune, September 2016
Dale Leatherman, a freelance writer and former president of the Society of American Travel Writers, shares her windjammer experience aboard Angelique. Excellent photos by Donnelle Oxley.
Maine Windjammer Sailing Season & the Victory Chimes Best Getaways, July 2016
Find out why freelance writer Stillman Rogers thinks there's nothing quite so glorious and exciting as a three-masted ship under full sail.
Maine Windjammers: 5 Questions on Sailing with an Historic Tall Ship Go World Travel, July 2016
Q&A with Travel Expert Janna Graber. Learn more about the whats, wheres and whys of windjamming.
Historic Maine Windjammers Offer More Specialty Itineraries This Season Moral Compass, June 2016
Freelance writer Karen Ruben shares an overview of the 2016 sailing season.
Why You Should Take a Windjammer Cruise Budget Travel Magazine, December 2015
Freelance journalist Allison Tibaldi shares her views on why a windjammer cruise is just the ticket to savor the rugged beauty of Maine’s coastal scenery.
Sail into serenity this fall on Maine coast Boston Herald, August 2015
Travel Writer Moira McCarthy explores all the reasons why Fall is a great time to take a windjammer cruise in Maine.
A Maine Culinary Windfall Aboard the Windjammer Stephen Taber, August 2015
Freelance writer Allison Tibaldi shares her enthusiasm for great food and travel during a 4-day cruise aboard the Schooner Stephen Taber.
Following the Wind Home & Away, March/April 2015
A windjammer journey in Downeast Maine yields rugged adventure, relaxation and new friendships.
On a Maine Windjammer Feasts of Food and Scenery Washington Post, March 2015
Becky Krystal enjoys a 3-day cruise aboard Schooner Lewis R. French that includes island chocolates, flying corn bread, stunning sunsets and fireworks just to name a few of the highlights.
Following the Wind, March 2015
A windjammer journey in Downeast Maine yields rugged adventure, relaxation and new friendships...By Sean Conneely

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Windjamming on the Mary Day August 2014
Storyteller and photographer Laura Bly has reported from all seven continents, 80 countries and most recently, Penobscot Bay from the deck of the Schooner Mary Day.
10Best Explores the Scenic Beauty of Maine USA Today, September 2014
USA Today sent photographer Joanne DiBona to capture the beauty of Maine—an assignment that wouldn’t have been complete without some gorgeous windjammer photos!
Sailing on Maine Windjammer Angelique, August 2014
Freelance writer Barbara Radcliffe Rogers shares her multi-generational story about sailing with her husband and granddaughter.
A Day on Penobscot Bay aboard the Maine Windjammer Stephen Taber Hilary Nangle, July 2014
The Maine Travel Maven shares a behind-the-scenes look at what was going on during this year’s Great Schooner Race. Not only did they race well, they ate well, too!
Seabirds by Sail Birdwatching Magazine, August 2014
Birdwatching Magazine Editor Chuck Hagner recounts his experience aboard the Schooner Lewis R. French during their annual Birding Cruise.
Set Sail for Maine (PDF Part I) Part 2 Part 3 Bill Burke, Boston Herald, April 2014
From destinations and dining to a round-up of the fleet, the Boston Herald’s Travel Guy provides a comprehensive overview of Maine’s laid-back windjammer vacations.
Specialty Cruises on 10 Maine Windjammers Steve Jermanok, Boston Globe, April 2014
Catering to passions that range from Irish music to schooner-brewed beer, Steve Jermanok offers a sampling of this summer’s offerings.
Out o’ Gloucester Reinhard Zollitsch, March/April 2014 (page 26)
Every Labor Day Weekend, America’s oldest fishing port is rejuvenated at the Gloucester Schooner races—an annual event that draws Captain Foss and the American Eagle down from Maine every fall. Last year, they sailed away with their 10th Esperanto Cup win.
Maine Windjammer Association Helps Propel Fleet of Historic Ships, October 2013
Baby Boomer Travel Expert Clark Norton puts a spotlight on the Maine Windjammer Association.
10 Best Cruises for Fall Foliage USA Today, September 2013
Maine’s windjammer fleet makes the top-ten list of best foliage cruises...right up there with luxury cruise lines and paddlewheelers.
Sailing Adventure: Maine Windjammer Cruise, September 2013
From the Rockies to Penobscot Bay, Colorado freelancer Janna Graber discovers the joy of sailing aboard the American Eagle.
A Stay and Sail summer getaway in Rockland, Maine Delco News Network, August 2013
Travel journalist Ann Augunas writes about “the simple pleasures of the open sea, sunrises, sunsets, wind and fresh air” aboard the three-masted schooner .
Heavenly Sailing on the Maine Coast with Angelique, July 2013
“With sails billowing and decks aslant,” a recent 4-day cruise aboard Angelique gave freelance writer Stillman Rogers everything he had hoped for and more.
A Sailing Cruise to Beat the Heat, July 2013
By freelance writer Stillman Rogers
The Great Schooner Race: Aboard the Windjammer Lewis R. French, July 2013
Food bloggers Jillian and Malcolm Bedell get a taste of sailing aboard the Lewis R. French in the annual Great Schooner Race.
Maine Cruise | Sailing Along Maine's Rugged Coast on the Isaac H. Evans Yankee Magazine, July 2013
Nature Photographer Jim Salge shares his experience aboard the Maine Schooner Isaac H. Evans.
A Windjammer Cruise Aboard Victory Chimes, July 2013
Freelance writer Karen Rubin covers her cruise aboard Victory Chimes from A to Z.
Sailing on a Maine Windjammer with Captain Barry King Everett Potter’s Travel Report, May 2013
Everett Potter speaks with Captain Barry King of the Schooner Mary Day about sailing on a Maine Windjammer.
New England Travel The Toronto Star, May 2013
Freelance writer Betsa Marsh discovers the “ultimate leisure cruise” aboard the three-masted Schooner Victory Chimes.
Pitching in to Help Sail Victory Chimes Senior Connection Newspaper, March 2013 (pdf)
Betsa Marsh has cruised from Antarctica to the Arctic Circle…here she writes about her trip aboard Victory Chimes in midcoast Maine.
Yo ho, Yo ho, A Pirate's Cruise for Thee Porthole Cruise Magazine, January 2013 (pdf)
Scallywags and plunderers of all ages maraud the New England Coast aboard the Maine windjammer Isaac H. Evans. Story by Clark Norton
Sailing out of the present and into the past: Maine's windjammers, December 2012
Irene Middleman Thomas and son sign up for a five-day sailing trip aboard the Heritage, and catch the sailing bug in Maine's picturesque Penobscot Bay.
A Conversation with Bill Howe, Chef Aboard the Windjammer Angelique, September 2012
Food blogger Jillian Bedell dishes on Angelique's Cordon Bleu-trained chef Bill Howell.
Maine windjammer offers scenic trip along coast Huffington Post, August 2012
AP reporter and photograph Robert Bukaty sails aboard the Mary Day as she celebrates for 50th birthday season.
Come Sail Away Experience Life Magazine, June 2012
Not into conventional sailing cruises? Laurel Kallenbach describes what it's like to climb aboard a historic schooner for an unplugged, old-fashioned adventure at sea.
Jammin' With the Wind, June 2012
From Sanibel to sailing on Penobscot Bay, Chelle Koster Walton shares her experience aboard the schooner Mary Day.
Ahoy Kitty Cat Fancy Magazine, September 2010 (pdf)
Gussie, the American Bobtail, lives a life of leisure aboard the schooner Mary Day.
Chasing the Wind off Maine's Coast Chicago Tribune, August 2010
Sailing aboard Lewis R. French, Sam Bleecker shares what he learned from Captain Garth about the 4 Ws: "We go where whim, whimsy, wind and weather take us."
Rachael Ray's Vacation The Food Network, July 2010 (video)
The Stephen Taber hosts the crew from the Food Network. According to Rachael Ray, "Thanks to Chef Cara, a meal aboard the Stephen Taber gives a whole new meaning to a moveable feast."
6 Nights on a Schooner Tifton Gazette, July 2010
Freelance writer Christine Tibbetts spends a week aboard the Lewis R. French and describes why "Maine Windjammers are better than a vacation."
Samantha Brown's Great Weekends The Travel Channel, May 2010 (video)
Samantha sails away with Captain Kip aboard the Victory Chimes
We All Haul Together Maine Boats & Harbors Magazine, April/May 2010 (pdf)
Donnie Mullen spends a week aboard the schooner Heritage with captains Doug and Linda Lee. 
Ship Shape Saveur Magazine, April 2010 (pdf)
Ben Conniff, writer and NYC restaurateur, focuses on the food aboard the schooner American Eagle during the Windjammer Cookbook Gam. 
America the Beautiful: Postcard from the Edge Star, Summer 2008
Virtuous Traveler Leslie Garrett finds peace of mind aboard the schooner Mary Day.
Sailing Into Maine's Past Chicago Tribune, June 2008
Travel Editor Jane Wooldridge sails aboard the Victory Chimes during Camden's Windjammer Weekend.
Schooner Feasts Maine Food & Lifestyle, Summer 2008 (pdf)
Complimented by ten pages of gorgeous photography, writer Leigh Donaldson captures the flavor of galley cooking aboard some of the windjammers in the Maine fleet.
Time Travel in Maine Press Republican, September 2007
Amid flying muffins and conversations ranging from opera to quantum physics, writer Lucas Blaise captures the spirit of sailing aboard the Lewis R. French during Camden's Windjammer Weekend.
Podcast with Captain John Foss of the American Eagle, September 2007
Citizen journalism at its finest. Passenger aboard American Eagle conducts 18-minute interview with Captain Foss.
Penobscot Bay Schooner Cruise Bounds O'er Maine San Francisco Chronicle, August 2007
Specializing in active outdoor travel, freelancer Tim Jones finds his sea legs aboard the Isaac H. Evans.
Where's Georgie-Jet?, August 2007
Johnny Jet's sister sails aboard the Mary Day for the adventure of a lifetime.
Sailor's Delight US Airways Magazine, April 2007 (pdf)
Freelance writer Jeff Moag hops aboard American Eagle for the annual Gloucester Schooner Festival.
8 Great Vacations Where Your Dollar Goes Far Boston Globe Magazine, September 2006
Maine windjamming makes the short list as one of 8 "Great Vacations Where Your Dollar Goes Far", co-authored by Stephen Jermanok
Cruising Maine's Waters the Old-Fashioned Way, May 2005
Thinking about a honeymoon cruise? Insider Magazine's Editor-in-Chief Rita Cook recommends it! Read about her long weekend aboard the schooner Lewis R. French.
A Maine Windjammer Cruise, April 2005
Freelance writers Bill and Mary Burnham learn the ropes aboard the schooner Mary Day.
Destination America: Before the Mast Smithsonian Magazine, May 2004 (pdf)
Readers take a look at Maine's historic windjammer fleet through the eyes of freelance writer Marialisa Calta.
Truths about Windjammers Yankee Magazine, June 2002 (pdf)
Aboard American Eagle, Yankee's Travel Editor discovers that the best cruise is the one with no itinerary.