Hungarian Butter Cookies, aka Kifli

from the Ladona
Ladona Italian Neapolitan Cookies

1 cup sour cream
2 packages instant yeast
1/4 tsp sugar
5 cups all purpose flour
4 sticks (1 lb.) butter, softened

2 eggs
2 T butter at room temperature
4 egg yolks – save whites – 2 for filling and 2 for brishing the top of the cookies

Walnut filling (combine in a bowl):
1/2 lb. ground walnuts
1 cup sugar
2 egg whites
2 T milk

Heat sour cream to lukewarm. Sprinkle yeast over top. Add sugar and mix all together. Cover and set aside while you mix other ingredients.

Add flour to butter-work it in as you would for a pie crust. Add egg yolks and sour cream mixture. Mix dough together with hands until dough forms and comes away from sides of the bowl. Dough will be very sticky at first, but do not add anymore flour. Dough will lose stickiness as it’s worked.

Take about 1/4 of dough and roll it out to a little less than 1/4″ thick. Cut into 3″ squares and place a small amount of walnut filling in center. Fold two opposite corners together and pinch in the middle. Place on I greased cookie sheet and brush tops with beaten egg whites.

Bake at 350 degrees about 8-10 minutes till golden brown. Cool. Dust with powdered sugar to serve if desired.