Can I Make a Reservation Online?

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The short answer is: no.

The MWA website allows you to search for cruises that the 8 vessels of the fleet are offering for the season. You can search by month, by the length of the trip, by both month and length of trip, or you can view all cruise dates at once.

When you find the vessel or vessels that have the cruise dates you want we encourage you to contact those vessels directly to get more information and to finalize your trip.

Why don’t we take reservations online?  Because each of the boats, which are individually owned and operated,  offers a unique experience and may or may not be able to accommodate your specific needs. The captains care very deeply about your sailing experience and they look forward to being able to talk to you to help you pick the best sailing trip and make sure all your needs are met.

Windjamming is actually a pretty unique experience. As unique as you are. And taking reservations online on the MWA website doesn’t allow the captains to ensure that all your questions are answered, any concerns you have are addressed, and they may share specific tips with you based on your needs or situation.

We appreciate your understanding and patience. We want to make sure your experience is one you’ll remember for a lifetime.  So search online, find the vessels that offer the dates you are seeking, and then get in touch with them directly. They cannot wait to talk to you!