Cell Phone, Radio and Tablet Usage and Coverage

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Being aboard a windjammer cruise offers the perfect opportunity to unwind, relax, unplug, and truly enjoy your surroundings. We encourage you to use your electronics as little as possible when aboard and when you do, to exercise sensitivity and respect for your fellow sailors.

Cell Phones: The vessels stay within sight of land during your cruise, but out on the open water, reception may be sketchy from time to time. Our captains say that cell phone coverage is available about 70-80% of the time and it’s usually not a problem. If you need to use your phone while aboard, simply try to be as soft-toned and discreet as you can be our of respect for the other passenger onboard.

Radios or Other Musical Devices: Please feel free to bring your favorite tunes sailing with you. It is expected, however, that you will keep your music to yourself unless otherwise asked. Make sure you bring headphones so that you can completely enjoy your music. Usually after 9pm most vessels will ask you to use your headphones exclusively.

iPads/Tablets: There are electrical outlets to charge your tablets and other devices. You are free to use your devices as often as you like, of course, but we’ll respectfully ask you to be mindful of using them around other passengers.

Sailing aboard a windjammer hearkens to more rustic and simper times. We hope you’ll take your time onboard to really enjoy your surroundings, take in the sights, use that camera on your phone, enjoy the wind in your hair, marvel at the stars at night, and enjoy great food and company.