What Should My Child Bring?

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If you have a younger child the following items are often popular:

 – Favorite stuffed animal
 – Favorite blanket and/or pillow
 – Puzzles or games that help keep their attention fixed for a time
 – Good book or four
 – Ear plugs for sleeping
 – Any medications or special dietary items
 – Paper, crayons, pencils
 – A camera they can take pictures with
 – A writing journal
 – Lots of extra dry socks
 – Apps on their or your phone that shows the constellations in the sky

If older children are traveling, much of the above is appropriate as well as whatever else they find interesting to do, including:

 – Knitting, cross-stitching, or other type of hand craft
 – Bring a musical instrument to play with the crew onboard
 – A deck of cards or other board games (scrabble, backgammon, tile rummy, etc.)
 – Artists charcoals, pens, inks and tablets
 – Binoculars, for finding wildlife
 – Press boards for saving flowers, sea grasses, or other wondrous natural trinkets

Keep in mind that space is restricted below deck. Your captain or vessel assistant will likely repeat this to you many times.  Bring soft, squish-able bags – pack wisely, efficiently – bring only what you are going to need on board for your 3-6 day trip.  Be mindful of how much your children desire to bring on board.