When Can I Board or Check In?

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Each of the vessels of the MWA is individually owned and operated and each has their own schedules for boarding for a cruise. You should check the Schedule/Rates or FAQ page on the website of the boat of your choice to find out when they will have you board the vessel.

The boats spend the first night at the dock to give you the best opportunity to settle in, get comfortable, get your “sea-legs” ready, give you the opportunity to explore Camden or Rockland at your leisure, and provides the chance for you to purchase anything you may have forgotten to bring with you.

Vessel Boarding Time First Night at Dock?
American Eagle After 6pm Yes
Angelique After 5pm Yes
Heritage After 6pm Yes
Ladona After 4pm Yes
Lewis R. French After 6pm Yes
Mary Day After 4pm Yes
Stephen Taber After 4pm Yes
Victory Chimes Between 6-8pm Yes