Where Do We Sail?

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Literally wherever the wind and the tide takes you. There is no itinerary.

This is part of the joy, romance, intrigue, and pure adventure of windjammer sailing.

And Maine, with over 2,200 islands and miles of unspoiled, rocky, glacial coast, and an unlimited array of beautiful vistas, is one of the best places on Earth to go sailing.

The captains will determine the course of the day that day. You may go exploring uninhabited islands. Or perhaps you’ll visit one of Maine’s quaint fishing villages. Or perhaps the breeze will be just right to sail swiftly across Penobscot Bay and you’ll feel the thrill of it with the wind in your hair.

Cruising grounds range from Boothbay Harbor to Bar Harbor and the amazing spaces in between.

So harness your inner child and that oft-contained sense of adventure and experience sailing the way folks of generations ago did. When you sail on a windjammer, you are often sailing on a piece of history. Come join us on a cruise!