Which Windjammer is Best for Me?

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Ahhh, the million dollar question!

We can tell you this, though…there IS a windjammer for you!

Each of the 8 vessels of the MWA Fleet is unique. Some specialize in food, some in wine, some in knitting, some in music, some in wildlife trips, some in photography. If you don’t have a special niche you’re looking for, then any of the 8 vessels will offer you a sailing experience you’ll never forget.

Here are a few resources you can review:

 – A quick stats/info chart of the 8 vessels

 – Request a packet that contains brochures for all 8 vessels

 – Visit our Blog to get a deeper introduction of each of the boats

 – Use the Cruise Search to find cruises that match dates you would like to sail

 – Then visit the vessels’ websites using the links on the cruise search results page to gather more information