Why Can’t I Book a Cruise on the MWA Website?

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The Maine Windjammer Association is not a travel agency or a booking site. Rather, the Association serves as a marketing, advertising and brand awareness service for all the members of the MWA fleet and it serves as an information hub for people interested in booking a cruise on one the MWA’s member vessels.

The member vessels of the MWA are not part of a common cruise line or other pre-defined sailing cruise experience. Each member vessel is individually owned and operated and each vessel offers her own unique experience. There is no common schedule or theme. The captains determine their own schedules and decide specialties or themes for each of their cruises. The common thread, however, among all member vessels is offering you a truly authentic, adventurous, one-of-a-kind, catered, all-inclusive experience that you’ll never find on the bigger cruise line ships.

The Maine Windjammer Association website offers you the following:

 – An introduction to all of the members of the fleet.

 – The ability to search for sailing cruise dates during the season. This is not a list of availability, but rather the range of seasonal cruise options.

 – Information about sailing on a windjammer and what your experience might be like.

 – Information about the MWA and other sailing events.

 – Travel information to enhance your visit to the Camden and Rockland areas.

 – The ability to request free brochures from all member vessels.

 – The ability to send a question via our contact page to all the captains of the fleet.