Windjammer Victory Chimes

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The magnificent Victory Chimes — the only original three-masted schooner in the famed Maine Windjammer fleet — is the last of her generation, a noble reminder of the Age of Sail. With her sails pulling for all they are worth in the freshening breeze, this proud vessel speeds through the water… no smoke, no dust, no noise… nothing but the music of wind and sea.

Come experience all the peace and romance of this authentic, historic schooner while enjoying all her spaciousness and modern comforts. She is the largest passenger sailing vessel under the USA flag, yet the Victory Chimes accommodates just 40 guests. This means plenty of room for you. The Victory Chimes offers hot, freshwater showers a few steps from your cabin, 110-volt electricity, push-button toilets and hot-air furnace. The Victory Chimes remains a true windjammer, just as she was almost a century ago. Her only engine is in the powerful yawl boat, ready to give us a push when winds don’t cooperate.


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