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Windjammer Cruise Availability for Late Summer & Fall

We understand that sometimes you simply must plan your vacations at the last minute.  Even windjammer vacations!  While the early bird gets the best availability, you can often still find cruises with space available at the last minute this season.

We’ve compiled this availability list on July 21, 2018.  The space fills daily, so while we indicated there’s space available today, there may not be tomorrow.  However, this will give you a sense of which boats might have room if you’re planning a last-minute windjammer vacation. Use this as your guideline then contact the boat you’re interested in sailing on individually to confirm availability is still there.


AUGUST, 2018

These boats still have availability for the following August cruises as of the end of July. If you’re interested on one of these cruises, be sure to contact the boat individually.


July 27, 3-night cruise

Aug 5, 3-night cruise

Aug 8, 3-night cruise

Aug 12, 4-night cruise

Aug 26, 3-night cruise


August 5-9, Explore Acadia Cruise, 4-night

August 14-18, Explore Acadia Cruise, 4-night

August 19-22, 3-night cruise

August 28 – Sept. 1, 4-night Camden Windjammer Festival cruise



Aug 4, 4-day cruise

Aug 13, 6-day cruise – to Acadia National Park

Aug 21, 4-day cruise

Aug 26, 6-day cruise


Aug 15-19           4-Day Cruise

Aug 25-28           3-Day Cruise


August 5-8 , three-night cruise

August 8-11, three-night cruise

August 17-21, four-night cruise


No cruises available in August


Aug 24-27, 3-Day Cruise (only cruise available in August)


Aug. 12, 4 day cruise

Aug.17, 4 day cruise with geologist

Aug.26- 4 day cruise – Camden Windjammer Festival gathering


These boats have room available for cruises in September and October, 2018, as of end of July. September and October are a great time to sail. Later in September and October look forward to viewing fall foliage from the water!  Be sure to contact each boat individually to ensure that there’s still availability.


Sept 6, 3-night cruise

Sept 9, 6-night cruise, including Wooden Boat Sail-in

Sept 16, 4-night cruise

Sept 26, 4-night cruise

Oct 2, 4-night cruise

Oct 7, 4-night cruise


Sept. 2-8, 6-night

Sept. 9-15, 6-night Wooden Boat Sail-In

Sept. 30-Oct. 4, 4-night Wine & Foliage

Oct. 5-8, 3-night Columbus Day Weekend cruise


Sept 2, 3-day cruise

Sept 6, 3-day cruise

Sept 9, 6-day cruise, including Wooden Boat Sail-in

Sept 16, 4-day cruise

Sept 21, 6-day cruise


Sept 16-22          6-Day Wine Cruise

Sept 28-Oct 2     4-Day Fall Colors Cruise

Oct 4-8                4-Day Fall Colors/Columbus Day Weekend Cruise

Oct 9-12              3-Day Fall Color Cruise


Sept 2-5, 3 night cruise

Sept 5-8, 3 night cruise

Sept 20-24, 4-night cruise


Sept 4-8, 4 day cruise

Sept 16-20, 4 day cruise

Sept 22-25, 4 day cruise

Sept 26-30, 4 day cruise


Sept 9-15            6-Day WoodenBoat Sail In Cruise

Sept 16-22          6-Day Wine Cruise

Sept 23-27          4-Day Fall Colors Cruise

Sept 28-Oct 2     4-Day Fall Colors Cruise

Oct 4-8                4-Day Fall Cocktails with Lara Nixon from BadDog Bar Craft/Columbus Day Weekend Cruise

Oct 9-12              3-Day Fall Colors Cruise


Sept. 2-6, 4 night cruise

Sept. 9-14, 5 night cruise – Wooden Boat Sail In

Additional cruises available in September too

Use the cruise search tool to find possible cruises, found right on the home page.  Some of the boats have already included 2019 cruises, so if you’re a long-term planner, you can start planning for the 2019 sailing season.  All 2019 schedules should be up by early October. 

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