International Traveler Packing & Checklist

International Travels will find much to enjoy about a Maine windjammer cruise.

The Maine Windjammer Association represents America’s oldest and finest fleet of traditional sailing ships. One of the most exciting aspects of windjammer sailing is the amazing people you get to meet from all over the globe. The Maine Windjammer Fleet routinely hosts passengers from Canada, the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Ireland, Columbia, and many other countries, not to mention the good ‘ol U.S.A.

The windjammers of our fleet offer easy, all-inclusive vacation packages and there are multiple ground transportation options to Camden and Rockland, Maine. Our Fall Foliage cruises in September and October are absolutely amazing and our captains offer Maine’s world-famous traditional lobster bake on every cruise.

An authentic Maine lobster bake is a highlight a every Maine windjammer cruise.

Our windjammers do not provide traveler’s insurance but we do recommend that you protect your sailing vacation investment by purchasing it through your travel agent or other reputable agency.

Please remember to bring important travel documents with you including, but not limited to, a valid passport, proof of citizenship, visas, etc. that may be required for entry into the United States. It also is not a bad idea to bring your personal insurance information, such as health insurance, in case it may be needed.

Here are additional resources that you may find helpful:

Please call 1-800-807-9463 for answers to any additional questions you may have.

We can’t wait to see you out on the Bay!

Captain Noah & Jane Barnes, Stephen Taber

Captain Sam Sikkema, Victory Chimes

Captain John Foss, American Eagle

Captains Sean Grimes and Ben Welzenbach, Heritage

Captains Barry King & Jen Martin, Mary Day

Captain Dennis Gallant & Candace Kuchinski, Angelique

Captains Garth Wells and Jenny Tobin, Lewis R. French

Captain J.R. Braugh, Ladona