Your all-inclusive Maine windjammer cruise is probably the most relaxing sailing vacation you’ll ever experience. Here is what you can expect on your journey.

You can assist the crew in raising and lowering the sails

You’ll spend about six hours each day under sail meandering through the islands and bays of mid-coast Maine. Guests are invited to participate in all shipboard activities, from taking a turn at the wheel to raising and lowering sails. The ever-changing scenery provides guests with close-up views of seals and porpoises, lighthouses and lobstermen, sometimes even whales and puffins.

Every afternoon, your windjammer drops anchor in the safe, snug harbor off a quiet fishing village or an uninhabited island where you can go ashore and explore. You might cap an exhilarating day of sailing with a beach side lobster bake, star gazing, some folk music or storytelling on deck or perhaps a game of Scrabble around the wood stove.

Simply put, windjamming is about relaxing. It’s about gorgeous scenery and sharing adventure with new friends. It’s about learning how to sail a tall ship and throwing itineraries to the wind. Even first-time sailors enjoy the experience because land is always in sight. Take a windjammer cruise and the toughest decision you might have to make is how many lobsters to eat at the beach side lobster bake.

Guests help furl the sails aboard the Mary Day

To ensure that your windjammer cruise along our gorgeous Maine coast is as wonderful as it can be, we have a number of resources to make trip planning more successful:

Take time to kick back and relax on deck