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Culinary adventures aboard Maine Windjammers

Mussels – freshly picked and steamed, prepared aboard Schooner Stephen Taber

On a Windjammer cruise, we know that great food is essential to your daily enjoyment. That’s why we don’t skimp on the homemade meals and hors d’oeurves. From freshly baked morning treats to after dinner desserts, our cooks and galley crew work hard to provide our guests the best all day long. A few cruises have a special culinary emphasis for those who want to take their food journey to the next level!

All cruises below are 2023 offerings

Wine, Dine and Chocolate aboard Schooner Stephen Taber

May 25-29 (4-nights)

July 19-23 (4-nights) with chocolatier Kate Schaffer

“Chocolate lovers will sail on a sea of delight, buoyed by desserts featuring Maine’s award winning Ragged Coast Chocolate in addition to our daily-prepared gourmet fair and generous evening wine pairings.”

Gourmet Gastropub aboard Schooner Stephen Taber

July 15-19 (4-nights)

“Owner of gastropub Frog and Turtle, Chef James will not only cook for us but also be on hand to discuss techniques, inspirations, and his passion for housemade charcuterie.”

Maine Sip and Sail Cruises aboard Schooner J. & E. Riggin

June 19-22 (4-nights) – craft cocktails with bar craft professional Lara Nixon

July 9-13 (5-nights)  – craft beers

Oct 2-6 (5-nights) – craft cocktails with bar craft professional Lara Nixon

courtesy of Schooner J. & E. Riggin

“Enjoy craft cocktails or craft beers from Maine distillers and brewers that we love paired with the fabulous meals you have come to expect from the Riggin galley.”

Flavors of Maine aboard Schooner Heritage

July 30-August 4 (4-nights)

Sept 17-21 (4-nights)

“Join us as we explore the very best culinary ingredients Maine has to offer. From fresh caught bounties of the sea to local farm-raised meats, produce, and cheeses. We will be enjoying artfully created gourmet dishes that celebrate the diverse and delicious flavors of Maine.”

Local Culinary Heroes aboard Schooner Stephen Taber and Schooner Ladona

August 20-24 (4-nights)

“Our home town of Rockland has a well-deserved reputation as a foodie’s paradise, and on this trip, we’ll celebrates that diverse culinary culture. The first evening will feature a welcome dinner at a local restaurant. Throughout the rest of our sail, we’ll treat you to an olive oil and vinegar tasting, a rendezvous with North Haven Oyster Company, and a tour of a local coffee roaster.”

Farm-to-table Barn Dinner aboard Windjammer Angelique

courtesy Turner Farm, North Haven, ME

August 24-28 (4-nights)

Angelique sails to the island of North Haven one afternoon to enjoy a  farm-to-table barn dinner at Turner Farm.  The feast features vegetable and meats raised on the farm. Wander the grounds while sampling appetizers and cocktails before sitting down to a gourmet five course meal.

Dessert First! Aboard Schooner Heritage

courtesy Schooner Heritage

August 21-26 (5-nights)

Enjoy mouth watering gourmet desserts crafted in the ship’s galley. But that’s not all. Satisfy your sweet-tooth throughout the day with freshly baked cookies, brownies, and local Maine crafted specialty chocolates.

Wine Tasting aboard Schooner Stephen Taber

Sept 17-23 (6-nights)

Each day will culminate in a wine journey led by co-owner Jane Barrett Barnes, who worked in the wine industry for 20 years. We’ll visit a different country each evening with a wine tasting and a discussion of its varietals and viticultural history. The evening’s meal will include wine pairings which perfectly complement the menu that Jane and our chef have created.

Culture and Cuisine aboard Schooner J. & E. Riggin

Sept 27- Oct 1 (5-nights)

Join us on an adventure for the tastebuds and the soul as we explore coastal Maine. Chef Sam Collins is a historian and an artist who has been cooking on woodstoves for nearly 20 years. He looks forward to sharing his love of New England cooking with you.

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