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Frequently Asked Questions

Please visit individual windjammer’s websites for their most updated policy around COVID.

We are the largest fleet of traditional sailing vessels in North America. Built in the United States, all nine vessels are individually owned by U.S. Coast Guard-licensed captains who work together to ensure the highest standards of safety, comfort, and professionalism.

This means that your captain is your host and the owner of the ship he or she sails. As your hosts, your captain and crew put careful attention into every detail of your cruise to ensure that you have a fabulous vacation. More than half of our guests choose to cruise with us again and again.

Everyone! And once they come, they keep coming back, year after the year. From newlyweds to retired couples, knitters’ clubs to family charters, our vessels welcome all who are looking for good times, good food, and the unforgettable thrill of a windjammer cruise. We suggest you explore all the ships in our fleet to learn more about us and our particular vessels and cruise experiences.

We sail in protected waters in heavily built sailing ships, so seasickness is rarely a problem.

Maine’s summer weather is quite mild. June has longer days. July and August are the warmest months. September is crisp and clear. With the sea breezes, you’ll want casual clothes for warm and cool weather.

We sail during the day and anchor in a harbor every night. There’s plenty of time to go ashore to experience the places we visit, whether it’s a small fishing village or an uninhabited island.

Guests may help sail, if they like, or just sit back and enjoy the ever-changing scenery as we cruise the rocky coast. Read, sunbathe, meet new friends or keep a lookout for seals and porpoises. Enjoy bountiful home-cooked meals, including a traditional lobster feast. Time is unstructured and every day is a new adventure.

We recommend soft luggage that can be easily stowed: no steamer trunks, please! Regardless of when you’re sailing, you’ll want to bring casual, comfortable clothes, rubber-soled shoes and a raincoat. Lots of layers work best, as the temperature can change quickly. Do bring shorts and bathing suit — even if you don’t go swimming, you might want to sunbathe on deck.

Don’t forget your camera, binoculars, hat, sunscreen and a good book or two. And if you’re musical, bring your small instruments and be prepared to join in!

Yes! All of the windjammers can accommodate CPAP machines. Please make your request at time of booking.

Yes! While a windjammer vacation is really all about unplugging, you’re very likely to have cell service depending on your carrier. Guests are encouraged to use their phones discreetly so as not to disturb the magic of the moment.

We provide ice chests for your beverages but we request that alcohol be used only in moderation. There is no smoking below deck on any windjammer and several of the vessels have a no-smoking policy on the entire ship. See each ship’s website for details.

Each of the MWA’s nine magnificent sailing vessels is unique. Please visit our Fleet page to link to each ship’s individual website. If you would like more information on the MWA windjammers, you may request free color brochures or call us at 1-800-807-WIND.

It’s easy! Reservations are made directly with the windjammer of your choice. Each vessel has its own reservation and contact page which you can find on their website or our fleet page.

Sure! With enough lead time each vessel can be exclusively yours. From church groups and sailing clubs to corporate team building charters and class trips, we love hosting groups who share a special interest! With nine ships offering passenger capacities ranging from 16-40 guests, the sky’s the limit when it comes to planning a vacation that is priceless, utterly unique and completely unforgettable.

Sailing aboard a Windjammer is very safe. Every year we host thousands of guests of all ages and sailing experience who have safe, wonderful experiences aboard our vessels. Injuries are rare, and are usually commonplace accidents that are not sailing-related (e.g. falling, scrapes, etc.). The fleet has a very impressive safety record over its four decades of cruising.

In the event of a guest’s medical emergency, our captains and crew work quickly to provide first aid and/or transportation to a hospital. We have CPR-certified crewmembers, first aid kits, and basic medical tools. Windjammers are never too far from land to get emergency medical assistance. The USCG is always ready to support the Windjammers in any severe situation in which imminent transportation to shore is necessary.

Captains monitor weather conditions and forecasts daily, and they take all necessary precautions to keep guests and crew safe in the event of excessive weather. In general, Windjammers sail daily rain or shine. Our fleet of Windjammers cruise in very protected waters, often in the lee of islands that ensure seas and winds rarely create unsafe conditions during our cruising season. On the rare occasion that a captain considers a forecast to be too extreme for sailing, then the vessel remains at anchor in a safe harbor or returns to her homeport and allows passengers to disembark. Windjammers are designed and built to cruise efficiently in a wide variety of conditions on the ocean, and they have historically easily weathered occasional heavy winds and high seas.

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