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Sustainable cruising

Maine Windjammers support sustainable cruising

Experience the joy of wind-driven cruising! Wind power is one of the most renewable sources of energy and you could say that the wind is our “jam!” While some sailing cruise lines boast about sailing without motor-assist about 25% of the time, our windjammers sail engine-free A LOT! It’s what we do!

Each days’ destination is determined by the weather, current, and wind. There’s no need to rush to keep a schedule. Our windjammers routinely sail the whole day under sail power alone. Sure, our windjammers do have either inboard engines or push boats, but they’re used in case the wind peters out or for in-harbor maneuvering. Imagine cruising for a week and using only 10-15 gallons of fuel!

Windjammers sail among the countless islands of midcoast Maine. These are the quiet, less traveled parts of Maine’s coast that can’t be reached by vehicle. On these islands are pristine beaches, gentle hiking trails, and small communities where families have supported themselves by fishing for generations. You won’t find chain restaurants or motels but you’ll find mom-and-pop shops and artist’s galleries with one-of-a-kind goods.  

Windjammer cruises exemplify responsible small ship cruising. Each vessel accommodates only 16-32 guests per trip. Meals are lovingly prepared in our galleys using locally grown produce as much as possible. Every trip includes an all-you-can-eat lobster bake with locally caught Maine lobster fresh off the boat. Our beachside lobster bakes follow Leave-No-Trace principles and our crews strive to always leave the beaches cleaner than they found them.

As for electricity, most of the boats use LED lighting in the heads and cabins. These lights are brighter and more efficient than standard light bulbs so there’s no need to run the generator while away from the dock.

You can feel good about vacationing where you can enjoy many of Maine’s natural resources while supporting their preservation for future travelers to enjoy as well.

Learn more about our historic Windjammer fleet and/or request a packet of brochures using the links below (Digital brochures are available).

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