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Why Maine?

Because thousands of unspoiled islands dot Maine’s coast. It’s here that Windjammers frolic, weaving in and out among the green forested islands and cruising by their rugged granite shores. From a Windjammer’s deck you can see osprey and bald eagles in their treetop nests. Sailing by a rocky ledge one can see seals and their pups sunning themselves. Porpoises, ocean sunfish and the occasional minke whale call these waters home too.

Why Maine?

Because sailors have long loved sailing in the inlets and bays of Maine’s coast as the multitude of islands protect the waters from the ocean’s rolling swell – so it’s literally “smooth sailing.” Enjoy the steady afternoon breezes as thousands of square feet of canvas billow above you.

Why Maine?

Because Maine is a truly distinct and authentic part of America. The abundant natural resources of lumber and granite helped build this country. In the 1800s more wooden ships were built here than in any other state and wooden sailing ships have been a constant presence on the Maine coast. On these shores you can see a few granite quarries still actively mining the stone which helped make America. And on the surrounding granite cliffs, stand dozens of lighthouses marking safe entrance to Maine’s harbors. 

The people that worked these waters and this land have created a unique way of life, where things move just a little bit slower. The hand-hewn lifestyles of Mainers are apparent around every corner, from the Maine-built schooners to the down-to-earth fishing communities to the flourishing art scene. 

Shore trips offer guests the chance to explore these lesser visited corners of Maine far off the Route 1 corridor. Your cruise might include a stop at an island village such as North Haven village or Stonington on Deer Isle. Or you might stop at Swan’s Island where you can hike out to Hockamock Head lighthouse.  And every trip includes an island lobster bake where you’ll eat the freshest lobstah you’ve ever had. While ashore, comb the beach for shells, hike a gentle trail or take a dip in the sea.

Why Maine?

Because stars. Sunsets. Serenity. 

As we “Mainahs” say, the Maine coast is one of the two best cruising grounds in the world and they’re still looking for the other one.

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