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May 2021

National Historic Landmark Vessels Celebrate Their 150th Birthdays In 2021

All of our vessels that are a part of the Maine Windjammer Association have seen it all but the ones who are the oldest of the fleet and are celebrating 150 years, schooners Lewis R. French and Stephen Taber, have seen more. As the oldest still operating commercial sailing vessels in the U.S.A., they have survived the Great Depression, both world wars, and the 1918 and 2020 pandemics. This summer ­– their 150th years afloat – they will set sail once again, plying the East coast as they have for a century and a half.

April 2021

Meet the J. & E. Riggin & Her Captain’s Justin Schaefer & Jocelyn Schmidt

The Schooner J. & E. Riggin was built in 1927 as an oyster dredger for Charles Riggin in Dorchester, New Jersey, and is one of the very few vessels of this kind that still sail today. Her name, J. & E., comes from the names of Mr. Riggin’s two sons, Jacob and Edward. 

November 2020

Maine Windjammer Association Offers Special Discount on Gift Certificates on Windjammer Wednesday, December 9th Only

On December 9th only, Maine Windjammer Association will offer an unprecedented 10-percent off their gift certificates, honored on all the eight vessels in the fleet. [read the press release]

September 2020

Captains Doug & Linda Lee Receive 2020 Lifetime Appreciation Award

Surrounded by fellow windjammer captains, crew and friends, Captains Doug and Linda Lee were awarded for a combined 100 years of windjamming experience by the Maine Windjammer Association, America’s largest fleet of historic working windjammers. [read the press release]

April 2020

Maine Windjammer Sailing: Your Bucket List Soft Adventure

Sailing on board a Maine Windjammer is a bucket list adventure and such a wonderful way to totally unplug from the internet-filled world and experience nature up-close and personal. [read the press release]

February 2020

Three Good Reasons to Take a Windjammer Cruise this Summer

A Maine Windjammer Association cruise offers the ideal fresh-air experience, filled with the beauty of the Maine Coast and the peaceful waters of Penobscot Bay and beyond. [read the press release]

January 2020

Celebrate Maine’s 200th Birthday with Living History On Board a Maine Windjammer

Once part of Massachusetts, Maine became independent—very independent—in March of 1820, 200 years ago. To mark two centuries of statehood, visitors will be able to take part in festivals, parades and community celebrations throughout the state from March to October 2020. [read the press release]

December 2019

Windjamming: The Ultimate Glamping at Sea

Windjamming offers the ultimate “camping at sea” experience, complete with a chef, a crew and au natural air conditioning at your fingertips. [read the press release]

Windjamming Along the Coast of Maine – the Perfect Eco-Vacation

When it comes to shrinking the carbon footprint for vacationers, the Maine Windjammer Association prides itself on providing one of the most eco-friendly modes of transportation you can use to see and experience the iconic Maine coast. [read the press release]

Unplug and Unwind on a Maine Windjammer

From the recent news of data breaches to hash-tag motivated deletions of social media, plenty of people are turning to a less-plugged-in lifestyle and vacations. And when they do, they turn to the Maine Windjammer Association – the largest fleet of National Historic Landmark vessels in the country. [read the press release]

Sailing Safaris Offer Unusual Wild & Sea Life Encounters

Maine windjammer guests experience the wildlife native to the coast of Maine the way it was hundreds of years ago… uninhabited and traveling in harmony with weather, wind and tide on board one of the eight Maine Windjammer Association fleet vessels. [read the press release]

Maine Windjammer “Families” Embrace Solo Shipmates

With solo travel on the rise for 2020, single travelers are seeking the best adventures where it’s easy to fit in. A Maine Windjammer Association cruise comes with its own circle of friends. [read the press release]

Experience Maine from the Sea Aboard a Maine Windjammer

A cruise aboard a Maine windjammer gives guests a different vantage point for viewing the familiar rocky coasts of Maine. With 360-degree views, guests have the ability to watch lobstermen pull traps into their boats, view wildlife in its natural habitat, and see a national treasure, Acadia National Park, all while sailing quietly on the deck of a windjammer. [read the press release]

July 2019

Schooner Mary Day is Overall Winner of the 43rd Great Schooner Race by 44-Seconds on Corrected Time

Full results from the 43rd Annual Great Schooner Race [read the press release]

May 2019

Angelique, Mary Day & Lewis R. French Windjammers Host Open House for Tourism Community

Ever wanted to see what a windjammer looks like below decks? Tour three Camden windjammers on June 1, 3:30-5pm [read the press release]

March 2019

Exciting Additions to the June Calendar of Cruises for the Maine Windjammer Association Fleet

We asked the captains of the Maine Windjammer Association what makes June a special time for cruises. From “peaceful snug harbors all to ourselves” to “migrating sea birds and “seal pups everywhere”, the captains said the freshening breezes of June and the exhilaration of the new season were all reasons to enjoy a June cruise. [read the press release]

February 2019

Maine Windjammer Association Offers Themed Cruises Throughout 2019

A cruise on board any of the eight Maine Windjammer Association (MWA) vessels is always a treat, whether themed, paired with one of the MWA summer events or scenic and seasonal. [read the press release]

December 2018

Maine Windjammer Association Announces Winners in Annual Photo Contest

The Maine Windjammer Association announced winners in the 2018 Annual Photo Contest. Each year, windjammer passengers and shutterbugs are invited to submit photos for consideration. [read the press release]

2019 & 2020 Events & Gatherings of the Fleet

Combine a cruise on board a historic windjammer with Maine Windjammer Association events and gatherings of the fleet. The Maine Windjammer Association has scheduled two years of events to make planning easy. [read the press release]

July 2018

Maine Windjammer Association Fleet Gathers for the Camden Windjammer Festival

Plot a course for Camden Harbor on August 31st, when the Maine Windjammer Association fleet will join additional windjammers and day sailing schooners in Camden Harbor for the 25th Annual Camden Windjammer Festival. [read the press release]

Schooner Heritage Takes Home Coveted Cutty Sark Award in Great Schooner Race

Eleven boats raced from Gilkey Harbor in Islesboro to the finish line at the Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse. The Schooner Heritage won the race, taking home the Cutty Sark Award trophy. [read the press release]

June 2018

Best Windjammer Watching on the Planet in Rockland, Maine

Acres of canvas will be flying as North America’s largest fleet of traditional windjammers struts past the Rockland Breakwater on the first two Fridays in July during their two signature summer events. The Great Schooner Race and the Windjammer Parade combined offer spectators and media alike one of the best historic windjammer viewing opportunities on the planet! [read the press release]

May 2018

A Windjammer Cruise in Maine Makes a Great Gift for Dads and Grads

June celebrates Dads and Grads, and what better way to honor them that with a windjammer cruise along the Maine Coast? Take advantage of three fabulous offers from Maine windjammers for Dads to sail at a reduced rate on Father’s Day cruises. [read the press release]

Meg Maiden Honored with Lifetime Appreciation Award

The Maine Windjammer Association (MWA), North America’s oldest fleet of commercial sailing vessels, kicked off the 2018 sailing season by presenting its Lifetime Appreciation Award to Meg Maiden, the association’s Executive Director from Blue Hill, Maine. [read the press release]

2018 Gatherings of the Maine Windjammer Fleet

Gatherings of the fleet give media on assignment the opportunity to visit multiple boats and interview Maine Windjammer captains all in one place. [read the press release]

January 2018

Maine Windjammer Association Voted #1 Maine Attraction

The Maine Windjammer Association received First Place in the 2017 USA Today 10Best Readers’ Choice Awards in the category of Best Maine Attraction. [read the press release]

August 2017

Captain Jim Sharp to Receive Windjammers’ Lifetime Appreciation Award

Captain Jim and Meg Sharp have a bird’s eye view from the tower of the Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse during the Maine Windjammer Parade. [read the press release]

February 2017

Plan Your Vacation Around the Moon and Stars

Without a lot of light pollution, Maine is the perfect place for brilliant star-gazing, and guests aboard the tall ships of the windjammer fleet have front-row seats. [read the press release]

January 2017

Maine Windjammers Offer Cruises Tailored to Special Interests and Hobbies

Of the 200+ cruises offered in 2017, there are dozens of themed trips from yoga and knitting to Acadia National Park cruises and kayaking tours.
[read the press release]

September 2016

Maine Windjammer Captains Present Lifetime Appreciation Award

The Maine Windjammer Association is pleased to announce that Wayne Hamilton, President of Hamilton Marine, is the 2016 recipient of the MWA Lifetime Appreciation Award.
[read the press release]

July 2016

Windjammers Celebrate Park Centennial with Parade of Sail

Celebrating Acadia National Park’s 100th anniversary, six of Maine’s historic windjammers will join more than 60 sailboats in full flag dress during the Somes Sound Windjammer Parade on August 2, from 2:00-4:00 pm.
[read the press release]

April 2016

Great Schooner Race Turns 40!

Hailed as the largest annual race for traditional schooners, windjammer guests and crews will compete in a friendly all-day race from Islesboro to Rockland on July 8.
[read the press release]

March 2016

Special Diets Are a Cinch Aboard Maine’s Windjammers

Paleo? Gluten Free? Allergic to Peppers? No Problem! [read the press release]

February 2016

MWA Announces 2016 Season

With the addition of creative new specialty cruises, growth in the fleet and a special parade to celebrate Acadia National Park’s Centennial, the MWA has lots of new offerings for visitors in 2016. [read the press release]

November 2015

MWA Welcomes Newest Member: Ladona

North America’s oldest fleet of commercial sailing vessels just got bigger, with the addition of the William Hand-designed racing schooner Ladona. [read the press release]

USS CONSTITUTION Museum Recognizes Captains of Maine Windjammer Association

This fall, the USS Constitution Museum bestowed its annual Don Turner Award on MWA Captains John Foss of the American Eagle and Linda Lee and Doug Lee of the Heritage. [read the press release]

June 2015

Maine Windjammers, the Eco-Friendly Way to Travel

Two National Historic Landmark schooners will host 80 teenagers from Portland and Rockland as part of the Schooner Kids program, an invitational event hosted by the Maine Windjammer Association that encourages Maine’s next generation of sailors to experience traditional sail. [read the press release]

May 2015

Schooner Kids Celebrates Solstice with 2nd Annual Daysail

Two National Historic Landmark schooners will host 80 teenagers from Portland and Rockland as part of the Schooner Kids program, an invitational event hosted by the Maine Windjammer Association that encourages Maine’s next generation of sailors to experience traditional sail. [read the press release]

April 2015

See Maine from the Sea Aboard a Maine Windjammer

Close-up views of lighthouses and islands are just a few of the benefits of seeing Maine from the deck of a windjammer. [read the press release]

March 2015

Windjammer Captains Receive Maine Tourism Award

The Maine Windjammer Association is pleased to announce that it is the 2015 recipient of the Governor’s Award for Tourism Excellence, the key honor presented at the Maine Governor’s Conference on Tourism. [read the press release]

Indulge Your Passion in a Maine Windjammer Association Specialty Cruise

While relaxation is often the number one goal on a vacation, some guests like to combine the experience with their favorite hobby. Round-up of 2015 themes range from a writer’s workshop and Bastille Day cruise to yoga and Acadia National Park tours. [read the press release]

January 2015

Maine Windjammer Association Announces 39th Annual Great Schooner Race

Every summer since 1977, the Maine Windjammer Association has hosted the Great Schooner Race, providing an opportunity for captains, crews and passengers aboard traditional vessels from all over the Eastern Seaboard to rendezvous for a fun day of racing. Geared for spectators on shore, too! [read the press release]

March 2014

MWA Captains Unveil Code of Excellence

For the first time in its history, the members of the Maine Windjammer Association have developed a Code of Excellence that expresses the values of its membership and defines the hallmarks of an MWA windjammer cruise. [read the press release]

Maine’s Treasured Islands Offer More Access Than Ever

Thanks to the generosity of private landowners and dedicated conservation groups, Maine’s 4,613 islands are more accessible than ever. [read the press release]

February 2014

Music to Your Ears: Windjammers Feature Songs of the Sea and a Whole Lot More

This season, to cater to guests who like to hear or even make music, the captains of the Maine Windjammer Association are offering special cruises where passengers can enjoy music to their heart’s content. [read the press release]

January 2014

Maine Windjammers Offer Free Excursions On Every Cruise

For windjammer guests who want to take in the local sights, there are excursions every day…all at no extra charge! [read the press release]

December 2013

2013 Season By the Numbers

At the end of the season when all the windjammers were put to bed for the winter, we asked the captains to share some numbers… [read the press release]

September 2013

Annual WoodenBoat Sail-In Attracts Windjammer Fleet

On Tuesday, September 10, the Maine windjammer fleet will congregate at the WoodenBoat Publications waterfront in Brooklin for the fleet’s final gathering of the 2013 season. [read the press release]

July 2013

Great Schooner Race a Huge Success: The Mary Day Secures Bragging Rights in 37th Annual Event

17 of Maine’s historic schooners hosted 500 guests with nearly a thousand spectators on hand to cheer the largest annual gathering of historic schooners in America this holiday week. [read the press release]

June 2013

Windjammer Lighthouse Parade Offers Close-Up Views of Historic Fleet

On-shore spectators will enjoy stunning views of Maine’s historic windjammer fleet during the 9th annual Maine Windjammer Parade. [read the press release]

Rockland Breakwater Offers Front-Row Seats for Schooner Race, Plus Free Dockside Tours

For anyone who’s missed the boat on signing up to sail in the Great Schooner Race on July 5, there’s plenty of room for spectators to cheer for their favorite schooner from the mile-long Rockland Breakwater that marks one end of the finish line. [read the press release]

April 2013

Three Windjammer Captains Celebrate Tenth Anniversary

Captain Noah Barnes of the Stephen Taber, Captain Owen Dorr of the Nathaniel Bowditch and Captain Garth Wells of the Lewis R. French celebrate a decade at the helm of their Windjammers. [read the press release]

Maine Windjammer Association Welcomes Guests for 37th Annual Great Schooner Race

From first-time sailors to old salts, guests are invited to participate in this informal, friendly competition that includes a multi-day “training” cruise to help new crewmembers learn the ropes before the big event. [read the press release]

February 2013

Maine Windjammer Fleet Annouces New Specialty Cruises for 2013

This season, the Maine Windjammer Association captains are offering a new roster of cruises that will feed the mind, tempt the taste buds and get guests thinking. [read the press release]

January 2013

Sails & Trails: Stretch Your Legs on a Maine Windjammer Vacation

If the fear of taking a sailing vacation scares you because you might miss a workout or you imagine being “cooped up” on a ship, relax! Maine’s windjammers stop every night, providing guests with plenty of opportunity to stretch their legs ashore. [read the press release]

Fly Away on a Maine Windjammer Cruise

Windjammer guests can get a jump on their Maine sailing vacation and also beat the traffic this summer with the Travel Packages offered exclusively by the Maine Windjammer Association. [read the press release]