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Five things you can you do for your favorite Maine windjammer today

Schooners Ladona and American Eagle on the way to the annual Gam raft up.As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to spread throughout Maine, New England and the country, the travel industry is among the hardest-hit sectors of the economy.  Yet, just as we’ve seen during other national disasters, Americans are resilient, and the spirit of kindness, optimism and hope rises above the darkness of fear throughout our country.  We see multiple examples of people helping people each day and realize that it’s the small gestures that when taken by many, will make a difference. We’ve heard from a number of travelers asking what can they do to help the Maine Windjammer Association fleet. Thank you for your concern.

The Maine Windjammer Association is the largest fleet of traditional windjammers in America.  While the fleet is optimistic that the sailing season will still begin on time, these floating lodging properties are equally impacted by COVID 19 as hotels, inns, vacation rentals and B&Bs throughout the country. Recently, ThinkReservations, a property management software company for the lodging industry, created a graphic about what travelers can do to support their favorite lodging property. Their suggestions apply to windjammers too.

Those who’ve sailed with the Maine Windjammer Association fleet know that no travel experience compares to that of being on deck, experiencing the stunning scenery of the Maine Coast with wind in your hair or knuckling down on a fresh lobster on the beach. Whether you have one favorite windjammer or have had the chance to enjoy a few, borrowing from ThinkReservation’s suggestions, there are several things you can do during the travel slow down to help your favorite windjammer.

Leave a glowing rating on TripAdvisor

Now is the time to let your fingers help your favorite windjammer.  Go to TripAdvisor and post a glowing review for your favorite member of the Maine Windjammer Association.  From the food to the photos, please share what you love about being on the windjammers.  And hopefully, you will give your favorite windjammer(s) a 5-star rating too. 

Victory Chimes at sunsetGive your favorite windjammer a shout out on your own social media & follow them

While travelers are spending more time at home, we imagine that they’re also spending more time on social media.  Now is the time to post those fabulous photos of your windjammer trip and offer a shout out to your favorite windjammer.  If you tag the them in your post, then your followers are more likely to start following that Maine Windjammer Association boat, and then they too can enjoy an armchair journey on one of these fabulous vessels on Penobscot Bay or beyond.

Make a reservation for a future trip

At some point soon we hope the pandemic will pass.  At that time, you’ll be anxious to get on board a windjammer for the ultimate in fresh air vacations.  We hope that your future travel plans will include a windjammer trip, and if so, make your reservation now to insure the best availability.  Once it’s safe to travel once again, the flood gates for travel will open among those anxious to hit the road after time spent inside and demand will be high.  Those who reserve now will be sure to get the cabins they want.  If you’re unsure about reserving a trip, call the captains and talk to them about how reservations are being handled during these unusual times.  Each captain is managing reservations individually, but with the utmost in compassion too. 

If you can’t sail, reschedule

Understand that the Maine Windjammer Association captains are optimistic that the season will start on time. Yet, if you hold a reservation for this summer and feel you simply will be unable to make that trip, call the windjammer and re-schedule your trip to another date.  As mentioned above, the captains are understanding of the situation and will handle each guests’ uncertainly with the utmost of concern.  Most importantly, don’t give up your dreams of a windjammer vacation this summer.  Once the worry of the past few weeks has past, you’ll really need that vacation on the wide-open seas.

Purchase a gift certificate

Schooner Mary DayDo you have a significant gift-giving holiday approaching?  An anniversary? Birthday? Or a “just because” gift you want to send to someone who’s particularly in need of a pick-me-up? Purchase a gift certificate from your favorite member of the Maine Windjammer Association to give the gift of relaxation.  The gift of travel not only offers an amazing trip, but something to look forward to while unable to leave the house. 

For more information on the fleet or to request a packet of brochures for the 2020 sailing season, be sure to visit

Photos above: Top: Schooners Ladona and American Eagle sailing to the Gam by Fred Leblanc, middle: Victory Chimes at Sunset, Maine Windjammer Association photo, bottom:  Schooner Mary Day by Meg Maiden.

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