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Special themed-cruises aboard our Windjammers

Our vessels offer cruises which cater to a variety of interests. Some offer additional activities like hiking, kayaking, or yoga. Some offer knitting, painting, or photography workshops to inspire your inner artist. And there are cruises which provide extra sailing instruction or extra opportunities to see lighthouses and Maine’s historic sites. Think of these themed cruises as Windjamming “with a twist”!

Lighthouse cruises

No matter which windjammer you sail on, you’re bound to see lighthouses as Penobscot Bay is home to over a dozen! However, some windjammer trips offer a few more opportunities to sail close to, photograph, and learn more about these magnificent structures.

Schooner Heritage, June 19-24 (5-nights)

Schooner Mary Day, June 20-24 (4-nights)

Windjammer Angelique,  July 19-22 (3-nights)

Schooner Lewis R. French, July 9-13 (4-nights) and August 10-14 (4-nights)

Tallship sailing and seamanship course

Schooner Mary Day invites you for a week of experiential instruction. Would you like to learn to read a nautical chart? Plot a course? Grab your gear and plan on getting your hands dirty!

Schooner Mary Day, July 30-Aug 5 (6-nights)

Coastal kayaking cruises

Guests have the opportunity to spend one afternoon kayaking among the protected islands of the bay accompanied by professional guides. No experience necessary.

Schooner Lewis R. French, July 14-18 (4-nights) and August 22-26 (4-nights)

Island hiking cruises

Each cruise offers guests opportunities to go ashore and explore. Sometimes the boats anchor at a small coastal town, sometimes at a small deserted island. These hiking trips offer a little extra time ashore to explore Maine’s island trails. All hiking is optional.

Lewis R. French,   May 30-June 3 (4-nights) and June 20-24 (4-nights)

American Eagle, July 13-17 (4-nights) and August 15-20 (5-nights)

Yoga and Wellness cruises

This is an all-levels yoga, mediation, breathwork and sailing experience. Enjoy creative healthy meals to support your body and soul.

Angelique, August 7-11 (4-nights)

Knitting/Fiber Arts/Rug Hooking cruises

Finally, a cruise for both the knitting addict and their non-knitting partner! Whether you’re hoping to start a new project, finish that knitting project you tucked away years ago, or just want to sail and relax, you’ll find your niche on one of these cruises.

Knitting cruises: J. & E. Riggin, June 14-18 (4-nights); June 22-26 (4 nights); Sept 3-9 (6-nights)

Rug Hooking cruise: J. & E. Riggin,  August 20-24 (4-nights)

Watercolor Painting cruises

Capture the beauty of Maine’s coast via watercolor! The changing light, glistening waves and water, and bold islands are fascinating subjects. There trips  include instruction from professional Maine artists and are great for both experienced painters and new students. 

Angelique, August 19-23 (4-nights)

American Eagle, June 20-24 (4-nights) and Sept 16-20 (4-nights)

Photography cruises

Take vacation pictures that your friends will actually want to see!  These cruises offer optional photography workshops with professional New England photographers for those who want to take their skills to the next level. Most of these cruises don’t require an investment in a fancy camera – our photographers are happy to give tips on making the most out of your cell phone camera!

Angelique, July 2-8 (6-Nights)

American Eagle, July 2-8 (6-nights)

Heritage, June 10-14 (4-nights)

J.&E. Riggin, Sept 17-21 (5-nights)

Mary Day, June 25-July 1 (6-nights)

J. Tobin

Wildlife and Whale-watching cruises

Many first-time sailors tell us that they didn’t realize just how many islands there would be and how much wildlife they’d see. Bald eagles, osprey, cormorants, seals, porpoises are easily seen. On a few trips though, you’ll have a chance to sail a bit further to look for whales and/or puffins – both have feeding grounds near some of the rocky ledges off the coast.

Angelique, Whales and seabirds:  July 23-29 (6-nights)

Heritage, June 25-July 1 (6-nights)

Cruises for history buffs

Journey through the little-known history of Penobscot Bay. With historian Sam Collins as your guide, learn about mid-coast Maine’s industrial and ancient past.

Traces of the past: American Eagle, June 25-July 1 (6-nights)

Longer cruises

Want to escape for a little longer? A few vessels offer cruises over six-nights in length.

Sail Downeast: Schooner American Eagle, July 18-26 (8-nights)

As close to Canada as you can get without needing a passport! Dramatic coastlines beckon us northward across waters less traveled.

Gloucester Schooner Race: Schooner American Eagle, August 30-Sept 8 (9-nights)

This nine-night cruise takes you down the coast, through whale feeding grounds, to Gloucester, MA, America’s oldest fishing port.  Includes a day of participating in the Gloucester Schooner Race!

Ports Unknown: Secrets of the Outer Islands! Travel far off the grid in search of the outer islands!

Schooner Ladona, July 9-16 and August 9-16 (7-nights)

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