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Straight from the Mouth of the Captains: Six Reasons June is Busting Out All Over for Windjammer Cruises

June marks the beginning of the Maine Windjammer Association cruising season. Well, really it starts in May for some, but not until the end of May.  June is the first full month of the season and filled with the newness and freshness of the cusp of summer.  Long days, uncrowded Maine harbors and “spring foliage” filled with 50 shades of greens are all highlights of June cruises on board any of the Maine Windjammer Association fleet.  Add to that, new features like music cruises, docent-led Lighthouse cruises and also Father’s Day specials, and you’ve got plenty of reasons to pick a June cruise from the long list of available options offered by the Maine Windjammer Association.  We’ve outlined all the new features in June in this blog Captain John Foss of the Schooner American Eaglepost, and today we’ll hear straight from the captains mouths what makes June the most special time of the year for sailing. 

June sailing according to Captain John Foss of the Schooner American Eagle

“The best part about Spring is that we go sailing! Very few yachts join us in the best anchorages. Other appealing aspects to June…Late sunsets for evening rows around the harbor or walks ashore…good breezes and little fog. The spring foliage is just in leaf and lilacs are in bloom ashore, not to mention fresh paint and varnish on board in June! Everything at its best without the heat of late summer.  American Eagle’s below deck arrangement includes radiators for warming your toes when you get up for that first cup of coffee after sunrise. That works for fall cruises, too. American Eagle’s Watercolor cruise on June 9 combines with the annual schooner gam, a raft up of most of the windjammer fleet, an excellent opportunity to take that award winning picture or work on your skills at watercolors with a wonderful instructor.”

Thoughts on June from Captain Barry King of the Schooner Mary Day

“One of my favorite parts of cruising in June is seeing the migrating season wildlife. Seals pups are everywhere; pelagic species return to the bay and offshore islands to nest (puffins), island foliage and wildflowers are peaking, porpoise begin appearing, bald eagles and osprey are nesting close to the shore in some harbors. June feels refreshing….that feeling, craving, of life renewed is everywhere you look. 

One can feel summer weather temperatures at anchor in the plentiful snug little harbors we visit. Under sail, fresh spring breezes make for very exciting sailing. My absolute favorite part of early sailing season, before the summer sailors arrive is that we have the bay all to ourselves. I kind of feel like I am exploring a whole new world each June. At the same time, I feel like I am visiting a comforting friend I haven’t seen in too many months. The changes we see are not always apparent to our guests so sharing 30+ years of observations about how the islands and wildlife have evolved feels pretty cool. We get to be witness/interpreter to one of the most interesting cultural/natural places on Earth. 

Sharing that experience of getting away from it all is still the best part of what we do. The fact that we get to do that along our most beautiful coastline is what makes it pure magic!”

June wisdom from Jenny Tobin, Co-captain of the Schooner Lewis R. French

“One more thought about June – the days are so nice and long! We can get in so much sailing time!”

And about June from Noah Barnes, Captain of the Schooner Stephen Taber and co-owner of Schooner Ladona

“I agree that June is singular – having the bay to ourselves, the fresh green of the new leaves, and the long days are my favorite parts. Most guests are surprised by having dusk as late as 8:45, a result of our extreme eastern and northern locale. Long evenings mean extra time to explore the harbors in one of our rowing/sailing dinghies or sailing through dinner to reach an extra special anchorage.”

Dennis Gallant, captain of the windjammer AngeliqueThoughts on June from Dennis Gallant, Captain of the Windjammer Angelique

“This June, we have two short cruises in June. Our more typical June schedule is 6-night cruises. In addition to everything else already said, which we agree with wholeheartedly, early and late season cruises offer an amazing value.  Same great sailing, scenery, lobster feast, and level of service for an incredible price.”

Recollections on the long days of June from Doug & Linda Lee – Co-captains of the Schooner Heritage

“We love the long days of June.   Each spring we look forward to our first trip of the season when we can sail “out past the Rockland Breakwater”.  It’s such an exhilarating feeling to leave the dock and spring outfitting behind.  The bay seems to be just for us and there’s plenty of space in the harbors.

Early morning rows to see the sun rise and wildlife in a quiet anchorage is a favorite.   Long days make it possible for us to sail “far and wide”.  Also,  an evening sail or rowing our small boats can be lovely as is a shore trip to walk around and explore. 

All the June trips are special.  The solstice trip has the longest day.  The trip to Boothbay Harbor Windjammer Days can be exciting as we sail to the westward with a chance to see puffins and new islands and harbors. And 0ur special father’s day cruise makes for great family fun.  The Great Schooner Race brings the whole fleet together as does the Schooner Gam earlier in the month.

Being aboard and feeling the vessel sail after the long winter is what we work for.”

Click here for more news about what’s new for June cruises offered by the Maine Windjammer Association.  Learn more about the Maine Windjammer Association’s cruises at Visit each of the Maine Windjammer Association’s individual vessels online at their websites by clicking below.

Parade of Schooners in Penobscot BaySchooner Lewis R. French

Schooner Mary Day

Victory Chimes

Schooner Stephen Taber

Schooner American Eagle

Windjammer Angelique

Schooner Heritage

Schooner Ladona



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