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The most important reasons to book your 2021 cruise now

While we wish we had a crystal ball allowing us to see into the future, unfortunately none of us do.  Speculation is swirling about when the pandemic will ease.  No one thought back in March 2020 that we’d still be writing about it now, but keeping the optimism of a hearty band of windjammer captains, we are hopeful that by next summer, travelers will feel they can once again hit the open road, and the Maine Windjammer Association fleet will be hitting the open seas!

“We’re an optimistic and confident bunch,” said Barry King, captain of the Schooner Mary Day.  “To preserve and maintain America’s largest fleet of windjammers we need tenacity and forward thinking mindsets. It’s how we’ve preserved the largest fleet of windjammers in America and it’s also how we’ll weather the pandemic.” he finished. 

“These windjammers have weathered the Great Depression, world wars and the age of technology. We’ve had to re-invent ourselves several times, and through each challenge we learn. We’ll come out on the other side of Covid the way we always have, and have learned something and made improvements from it too,” said John Foss, Captain of the Schooner American Eagle.

Each of the eight Maine Windjammer Association captains is looking toward the 2021 season with positivity and enthusiasm.  Travel pundits predict that 2021 will be a good year for the travel industry as pent up desire to travel will fuel the great American Road Trip for millions next summer.  In fact, Melanie Lieberman, Senior Travel Editor for likens planning a trip after the pandemic to the first night out after a bad break up.  “After a period of feeling angry and stressed, you need a release. Maybe you’re tired of moping around, and just want to get back at whoever wronged you by having the best time ever,” she says in her article about why 2021 will be an epic year for travel. People just want to get back to what they love, and for windjammer enthusiasts, that means being on the deck of one of these historic boats with new friends, beautiful scenery and the only decision being how many lobsters to eat that night.

Schooners line up at the starting line for the 43rd Annual Great Schooner RaceAll of this points to one central principal.  If speculation holds true, the 2021 cruise season could be very popular.  Booking a cruise now will hold your place in that cabin you love on the boat you’ve come to fancy most.  Whether it’s the special event cruises, like the Great Schooner Race, that are trips that you don’t want to miss, or the wine cruises, Lighthouse cruises, music cruises or other themed cruises that appeal to you, if you book now for 2021 you’ll be sure to reserve your space.

Many of the schooners have liberal cancellation policies and deposit requirements.  Also, most of the schooners offer an early bird booking discount, offering another reason to book now.  Perhaps most importantly, if you book early, you’ll have all winter long to look forward to your windjammer trip in summer 2021.  Many passengers have told the windjammer captains that the anticipation of their upcoming cruises is what carried them through shoveling out during New England’s long winters.

Each of the Maine Windjammer Association vessels have posted their 2021 cruise schedules on their websites.  In addition, each members’ 2021 sailing schedule is posted on the Fleet Page of the Maine Windjammer Association website too. 

To book your 2021 cruise, simply contact the windjammer of your choice.  We can’t wait to welcome you aboard next summer!

Maine Windjammer Association, America’s largest windjammer fleet

American Eagle: 1-800-648-4544Schooners Ladona and American Eagle on the way to the annual Gam raft up.

Angelique: 1-800-282-9989

Heritage: 1-800-648-4544

Lewis R. French: 1-800-469-4635

Mary Day: 1-800-992-2218

Stephen Taber & Ladona: 1-800-999-7352

Victory Chimes: 1-800-745-5651

Photo credits:

Top photo: Captain Barry King by Karen Ryan

Middle photo: Great Schooner Race start by Bob Trapani

Bottom photos:  Schooner American Eagle and Schooner Ladona by Fred LeBlanc

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