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Three important reasons to take the windjammer trip this summer

Schooners Ladona and American Eagle on the way to the annual Gam raft up.Don’t let fear take the wind out of your sails for vacations this summer. At some point, the Coronavirus will pass, and travelers throughout the world will be anxious to take the trips they’ve put on hold. Travel is a force for good – for the body, mind and soul.  Yet, after the pandemic, we know travelers will still want to ere on the cautious side.  A Maine Windjammer Association cruise offers the ideal fresh-air experience, filled with the beauty of the Maine Coast and the peaceful waters of Penobscot Bay and beyond.  The Maine Windjammer Association fleet will be here for travelers seeking the ultimate windjammer sailing adventure.

The Maine Windjammer Association fleet offers an eco-friendly experience with the chance to breathe the salt air, find space on board the deck of a windjammer and sleep under the stars if you choose.  Board a Maine Windjammer Association boat, and you’re in for the bespoken trip of a lifetime where wind and seas take you to uninhabited islands that you’d never know without the knowledge of savvy skippers.

Maine Windjammer Fleet offers the un-cruise

Maine Windjammer Association sailing ships are the antithesis of large boat cruising.  They are small bespoke tours.  There’s no set itinerary; the captains let the wind, weather and seas determine the itinerary for the day.  Board a Maine Windjammer Association vessel and look forward to visiting uncrowded, uninhabited, rustic and fresh places. The boats hold anywhere from 16 to 40 people, so they’re intimate cruises with plenty of room on deck to claim your space, along with private cabins below. You’ll explore uncrowded harbor villages or islands, sleep under the stars for those who wish, and breathe clean Maine salt air.  They’re a movable feast with on-deck dining and fabulous, fresh food.  Your days offer a place in the wide-open outdoors with nothing but salt spray and wind surrounding you and nights are all about star-filled skies.

Parade of Schooners in Penobscot BayChoose to cruise eco-friendly: Windjamming offers responsible and sustainable travel options. When you set sail on a windjammer, each traveler will consume less energy on their vacation than you have all year long. By using wind power, the vessels’ average fuel consumption is only about one gallon per person per week of travel. As for electricity, a week-long windjammer cruise consumes about the same amount of energy that you’d use if you left a 60-watt porch light on for the week.  It’s sustainable and responsible tourism, and it offers the ideal eco-friendly way to go unplugged.  In the summer of an election year, doesn’t that sound like heaven?

Smaller intimate windjammer cruising

 Our windjammer cruises are the antithesis of large boat cruises.  Dining on deck is encouraged and the norm.  Crowded public gatherings only happen when whales, porpoises and other sea life is spotted, and everyone runs to one side of the boat with a camera.  Oh yes, and in small boats as we row together ashore, surrounded by salt air and beautiful Maine islands. These are all unconfined places with no doors or windows to keep virus germs enclosed.

Because it’s always advisable to avoid travel if you’re sick people generally do. The Maine Windjammer Association advises people with the sniffles to stay home as a general precaution.  Chances are their sniffles are due to a summer common cold during the cruising season, but out of an abundance of caution, we will ask passengers to stay home if they have been sick or been exposed to those with upper respiratory infections. For the healthy travelers that enjoy cruising with us, you’ll find hand sanitizers and anti-bacterial soaps, and the safest cooking and cleaning practices on board.  We hope you will leave your concerns behind and let the wind fill your sails with the beauty and peace of Penobscot Bay and the Maine Coast this summer.

For the best availability, book now and if necessary, reserve flights while airline fares are low. 

2018 Photo Contest Winner: 2nd Place Duane Hoffman Maine Scenery Aboard the Lewis R. French

Photos provided by Fred LeBlanc, Sean Sheppard and Duane Hoffman.


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