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Windjamming: The Ultimate Glamping at Sea

Midcoast Maine – While the idea of combining glamour and camping (a.k.a. “glamping”) has been around for decades, the addition of the word to the Merriam-Webster dictionary in early 2018 offers testimony to today’s travelers’ predilection for seeing the great outdoors with all the amenities at their fingertips. For many of today’s swish travelers, the idea of the perfect outdoorsy vacation involves sipping wine under the stars as the sea laps quietly (not too loud) at their feet. The Maine Windjammer Association offers eight opportunities to experience “glamping at sea” complete with sleeping under the stars and stargazing lessons or celestial navigation from a salty sailor too.

Get up close and personal with marine life, and be at one with the wind while unplugging from all the stressors that fill everyday life. Windjamming offers the ultimate “camping at sea” experience, complete with a chef, a crew and au natural air conditioning at your fingertips. Add in a fabulous foodie experience, prepared on a wood stove each day. Windjamming combines the ultimate camping experience with foodie nirvana and local experiences.

In fact, many a travel writer who tells readers about the Maine Windjammer Association refers to the experience as glamping. Dana Freeman, cruise and travel writer explained, “If glamping on a boat is more your style, then I’d highly recommend you choose to sail on the Schooner Ladona,” she explains referring to the most luxurious boat in the fleet.

Yet, climb on board all eight of the historic Maine Windjammer Association vessels and you can still sleep under the stars, enjoy meals cooked on a wood stove and explore local environs too. Each day of your windjammer vacation will be filled with an itinerary determined by the wind and sea, yet usually ends with exploring local islands or Maine seaside village towns. Hikes, kayaking or paddle boarding, even s’mores by the fire are all part of this experience. Add in a lobster bake on board or on the beach, and you begin to see that the glamping-at-sea lifestyle involves fabulous food too.

The accommodations on all eight of the Maine Windjammer Association vessels are simple and small, yet comfortable and cozy. While they vary from boat to boat, generally there Just enough room to stow gear, get dressed for the day, and wash up in private sinks found in each cabin. Comfortable bunks plus the activities of the day usually insure you’ll get a great night’s sleep. If you want to spread out, there’s plenty of space above deck.

For more information, contact the Maine Windjammer Association 1-800-807-WIND or check out the website at For media information and to schedule a press trip on board one of the Maine Windjammer Association vessels, please contact our PR department at

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