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Welcome to Vintage Cruising

Offering three- to seven-night cruises from June through October along the magnificent coast of Maine, Ladona reflects our appreciation for an exclusive, vintage-style cruising experience.

With a capacity for just 17 guests, we provide an all-inclusive, intimate, and personally curated vacation featuring comfort at sea, diverting activities aboard and ashore, and thoughtfully prepared dining experiences.

Daylight hours are spent sailing among untouched islands and exploring ashore, evenings are filled with easy camaraderie and exquisite dinners, and quiet nights are free from the sound of traffic.

As sailing is subject to the wind and tide, we have no itinerary and plans can change hourly. The captain will make choices based on the given conditions.

However, there are no unpleasant options. Just classic New England fishing villages, scenic thoroughfares, wide breezy bays, and perfect sunsets.

With over 2,200 islands in our cruising ground, each day is designed for maximum enjoyment.


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