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MWA Code of Excellence

For the first time in its history, the members of the Maine Windjammer Association have developed a Code of Excellence that expresses the values of its membership and defines the hallmarks of an MWA windjammer cruise.

MWA Code of Excellence

Our Promise to You

Our Windjammer cruises are pure sail

we follow the wind and tide, as sailors have always done

pure adventure —

with spectacular scenery, great food, good times and lasting friendships

pure bliss —

you haven’t lived ‘til you’ve sailed on an authentic Maine Windjammer!

pure sail. pure bliss.


The captains of the Maine Windjammer Association work together to ensure the highest standards of safety, comfort, and professionalism.

Owner Operated 

The captains are the hosts and owners of their windjammers. What does this mean? It means that your hosts have a personal interest in delivering a top-quality vacation that brings guests back year after year.

Point A to A

Reliable Embark/Debark: All MWA cruises embark and disembark from the same homeport; no need to catch a shuttle from your last port-of-call— you’ll have plenty of time to pack and say your goodbyes when you get back to the dock. This means that MWA guests sail with the same shipmates and crew for the duration of the trip. Lasting friendships forged without disruption are the hallmark of an MWA sailing experience.

Excellence in Crew

Captains and crewmembers meet or exceed all US licensing requirements. Each windjammer has professional crewmembers trained to administer emergency medical assistance. Every vessel participates in a drug testing program. In addition, crew are hired for their warm and courteous “people skills” that make guests feel at home on a windjammer.

Dinner is Served 

Meals are prepared using the freshest local ingredients. Family-style dining experiences feature everything from home-baked breads and goodies to seasonal vegetables, seafood and roasts. We pride ourselves in offering wholesome, delicious meals, including a lobster feast on every cruise.

Tempered Temperance

While guests are welcome to enjoy alcohol in moderation, Captains insist on responsible drinking that doesn’t interfere with safety or the enjoyment of fellow passengers.

Environmental Leaders

MWA vessels take pride in representing the longest-running eco-tourism industry on the coast. Travel by sail is without question a superior way to enjoy the natural bounty of Maine, and we are proud of cruising our pristine coast without relying heavily upon fossil fuels. Association members go out of their way to support eco-friendly business practices, including weekly coastal cleanups, Leave No Trace certification and a commitment to protecting Maine’s natural resources.

Guardians of the Flame

All of our captains have personally restored and maintained (or even built!) their own windjammers, generously passing along their knowledge and sharing resources among the fleet. Collectively, MWA captains maintain and sail the country’s largest fleet of historic sailing vessels.

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