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Want a healthy boost?  Book your Maine Windjammer Assoc trip a year ahead

Maine Windjammer Fleet sailing into Rockland HarborIn a story that appeared recently in the New York Times, journalist Elaine Glusac examines the trend toward booking trips a year in advance or even two years out; a movement triggered by the pandemic. After travel was curtailed by the need to stay home and quarantine, more and more people are now itching to travel and planning their bucket list trips for 2021 or even 2022 according to the article. For this reason, and to offer plenty of time for advance planning, all of the Maine Windjammer Association fleet boats have 2021 schedules on both their own websites and on

In her article, Glusac explains, “There are psychological benefits to planning activities in the future, especially travel, according to Shevaun Neupert, a professor of psychology at North Carolina State University. Future-oriented thinking is equated with proactive coping, a means of reducing stress through detailed planning, such as learning which flights to book to avoid layovers and gathering the resources — including time and money — to make it happen,” Neupert explains.

“Being able to think about and imagine something positive in the future has benefits in the present,” according to Neupert. We at Maine Windjammer Association feel that’s just one of the advantages of planning a vacation with plenty of time to savor the planning and anticipation of the fun.

The Maine Windjammer Association fleet have developed compassionate cancellation policies.  After COVID-19 derailed the plans for so many passengers in 2020, the Maine Windjammer Association joined the rest of the travel industry in adjusting the deposit and cancellation guidelines for future travel.  Start planning your vacation now and reserve your space now for 2021 and then finalize everything as you get closer.

In addition, nearly all of the windjammers in the fleet have early-season booking discounts.  They vary from boat to boat, but reserve before January, and you’re sure to get in on a percentage discount on the trip.  It’s yet another reason to start planning now and book early!

After months of staying at home, home schooling (for some), and quarantining for others, isn’t it time to start planning that bucket list windjammer trip on the Maine Coast? We’re all anticipating fewer restrictions to travel in 2021, and with increased cleaning and sanitizing protocols in place, your windjammer trip is a prudent way to hit the water on a sailing vacation.

Let the wind fill your hair and the star-filled skies fill your heart in 2021.  For those ready to sail this summer, the schooners Ladona and Stephen Taber are offering cruises throughout the rest of August, September and even into October.  Whether it’s this summer or next, a Maine Windjammer Association cruise offers the perfect unscripted, delicious, nature-filled unplugged vacation that will free you from Covid’s confinement.

The Maine Windjammer Association is the largest working windjammer fleet in America. Be sure to check the websites for the boat you wish to sail on and book early for your 2021 trip.

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Top: Photo by Ben Magro

Middle: Photo by Tim Sullivan

Bottom:  Photo by Bob Trapan

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